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Party Boat

Party Boat

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Bangka Tours: Your Ultimate Island Adventure

Private Tours (Bangka)

Experience the beauty and charm of Bangka Island with our exclusive private tours. Perfect for groups, these tours are priced at 37,500 PHP for the first 15 people, with an additional charge of 2,500 PHP per extra guest, accommodating up to 30 guests.

Package Includes:

  • Full island-hopping tour: Explore the stunning islands around Bangka with our comprehensive tour.
  • Signature sunset cruise: Enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the tranquil waters.
  • Eco and lagoon fees: All necessary fees are covered.
  • Lunch buffet and drinks: Delight in a delicious buffet and a selection of drinks.
  • Snorkel gear: Dive into the clear waters with our provided snorkeling equipment.
  • Premium sound and seating: Relax in comfort with our top-notch sound system and seating arrangements.

Optional: Add a live DJ to your tour for an additional 3,500 PHP and elevate your experience with great music.

Shared Tours (Bangka)

Join fellow travelers on our all-inclusive shared tours for an unforgettable island adventure, priced at just 2,500 PHP per guest.

Package Includes:

  • Full island-hopping tour: Discover the beauty of Bangka's surrounding islands.
  • Signature sunset cruise: Witness a stunning sunset at sea.
  • Eco and lagoon fees: All fees are included.
  • Lunch buffet and drinks: Enjoy a variety of food and beverages.
  • Snorkel gear: Snorkeling equipment is provided for underwater exploration.
  • Premium sound and seating: Enjoy the journey with high-quality sound and comfortable seating.

Whether you choose a private tour for a more personalized experience or join a shared tour to meet new friends, Bangka Tours promises a memorable island adventure with top-tier services and amenities.

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